How to apply decals correctly

1. Carefully prepare the area you wish to apply your decal to, it must be clean, dry and free of polish, wax and dust!

2. Place your decal on a flat surface such as a table and rub over it with a squeegee to remove and small air bubbles and to be sure the application tape is firmly adhered to the decal ready for application.

3. Plan where you are going to place your decal, make sure you align it correctly, these can only be stuck down once! A good tip is to temporarily stick the decal in place with masking tape, stand back, and make sure you are happy with the positioning.

4. Once you are happy with the location, secure the decal with a strip of masking tape down one of the shorter sides, this will act as a hinge allowing you to hold the decal in one hand and stick it down with the other.

5. Peel the backing paper off slowly. A top tip is to use a gentle rolling action when doing this, if any parts of your decal stay stuck on the backing paper rather than application paper, stop peeling, and press the application paper firmly back onto the decal and try again.

6. Apply the decal by gently pulling it away from the hinge you created to take up any slack, and then using a squeegee rub the decal down one inch at a time, working away from the hinge to the other side. Trying to do it too quickly could trap air bubbles under the vinyl.

7. Rub firmly over the entire decal to ensure its stuck down, gently press out any air bubbles, being too forceful could create a small tear or crease in the vinyl!

8. Remove the application tape by peeling it back slowly at a 45 degree angle.

9. Stand back and admire your work!

Decals will adhere better when the temperature is 10-20°C.

If it’s too cold the glue wont activate correctly, since we live in the UK temperatures are generally quite chilly so grab a hairdryer and give the decal a quick blast of warm *not hot* air to activate the glue once you have stuck it down, but before you have removed the application paper.

Also if the temperature is over 20 degrees please take care while applying your decal as it will be extremely tacky and stick down almost instantly.

If your decal is large - eg. Sunstrip, or similar, it is advised to only peel back the backing paper no more than 12 inches at a time.

A squeegee is a plastic, credit card size application tool, you can use a credit card in place of a squeegee if you wish, we advise placing a microfiber cloth over the edge of the credit card to prevent possible damage to your new decal during application.